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Holly In was found in 1983. At the beginning we aimed at supplying disposable products to meet the needs of our clients, mainly shopping mall operators. Gradually we shifted our focus to the Research & Development and Production of the package of wooden containers.

With more than 30 years of experience in the industry, we have gained plenty of experience in providing customized services to our valuable customers. We provide a wide range of customized services, from Packaging design, Festive Laser Engraving to Event or Competition trophy.

And after years of observation and analysis of the market, we not only extended the dimensions of the package of wooden containers, we also act as an adviser to provide professional information about appropriate packaging solutions to our clients.


We have always been one of the leading eco-friendly firms in the industry. We have made lots of efforts throughout the past 30 years to produce our goods sustainably, in order to protect our beautiful nation and the world.

For instance, right after the establishment of Holly In, we discovered a natural plant –Falcata Trees, which is 100% decomposable, to serve as a perfect substitution to replace traditional plastic packaging material and provide a clean, safe and environmental source of input into our production. 


Since then, “Go Green” becomes an ongoing feature to represent the main mission of our company.

All of our products are granted the certificate from SGS, which ensures that our products are in compliance with domestic regulations and international standards.

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